Lionel is a diligent and thorough gynaecologist who can help take much of the stress out of maintaining a woman’s reproductive health. Regular checkups are encouraged to monitor any changes and help prevent more serious issues from developing.

Gynaecological care includes:

  • standard check-ups
  • recognition  and treatment of abnormal pap smear tests
  • contraception counselling
  • identification of fertility issues
  • diagnosis and treatment of fibroids, menstrual abnormalities and endometriosis
  • diagnosis and treatment of benign pelvic tumours
  • laparoscopic surgery and minimally invasive surgery for heavy menstrual cycles
  • treatment of utero-vaginal prolapse
  • colposcopy, cervical diathermy for abnormal pap smears (LLETZ)
    and cone biopsy
  • hysterectomy

Private hospital insurance is advisable if surgery is required.

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