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Newborn Services

When your baby arrives, Lionel will check the baby and confirm their APGAR scores at one minute and again at five minutes. Unless your baby is unwell or needing additional care, you will be with your baby the entire time.

For a normal vaginal birth, you will not need to arrange a neonatal paediatrician to review your baby. Lionel will assess if this is required only if your baby shows signs of distress or being unwell. If your baby does need additional paediatric care, this will be arranged for you, and Lionel will explain the exact reasons why he is recommending additional care for your baby.

In the first weeks post birth, if you have any medical concerns about your baby you can call Dr Steinberg to discuss the best way to care for your baby.

Dr Steinberg will also assist with issues relating to tongue tie and circumcision.

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