Twins Delivery

Around 1 in 80 spontaneous pregnancies and 1 in 50 assisted pregnancies result in twin pregnancies in Australia each year. There are many factors that influence the experience of multiple pregnancies (more than one baby) for women. This includes previous birth experiences (if any), the health of the pregnant women and her babies, importantly their growth and presentation, breech or cephalic. It is important that your care is managed by an obstetrician who strives for a balance between evidence based care, a woman centred approach and a doctor who has the clinical skill and experience to deliver the safest outcome for you and your babies.

You deserve to be informed and educated about your options. This includes birthing options appropriate for you and your babies. Although many twin births are facilitated by cesarean section there are certainly times in which a vaginal birth of twins is possible, indeed safe and would be supported by Dr Lionel Steinberg.

The management of twin pregnancies relies heavily on ultrasound assessment.

With ultrasound, one of the things we are looking for is discordant growth of twins, this is where one baby grows larger than the other due to impaired blood flow from the placenta to one baby. Discordant growth would require the early delivery of your babies.

Twin pregnancies are associated with more complications in the first, second and third trimester and they need to be expertly cared for by an Obstetrician. Premature births are common amongst twin pregnancies.

How and when twins are born does depend on many factors including, maternal birthing history, maternal wishes,  gestation (or weeks of pregnancy) & the health of both babies in utero. This includes consideration of the risks and benefits to the babies remaining in utero (continuing to be pregnant) and the risks and benefits of them being born prematurely.

Birthing your twins naturally

The ‘norm’ for twin delivery has over recent years become very controversial,  with a high number of women having caesarean sections.  After receiving appropriate screening during your pregnancy a vaginal birth of your twins is a possibility. In my practice, I deliver twins vaginally where there is coordinate growth, this means that both of your babies are growing well,  you have a maternal desire to birth vaginally and your leading baby is headfirst (cephalic).

If you would like an opportunity to discuss your twin pregnancy, you are encouraged to contact our practice. We frequently meet with women during late pregnancy who are wanting to discuss the possibility of a vaginal birth of their twins or to discuss all the options around their upcoming birth.

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