Circumcision is surgery to remove the foreskin that covers the tip of the penis.

The foreskin usually protects the head of the penis and contributes to sexual sensations. Circumcision is usually performed on babies for family, religious or cultural reasons, or because some people prefer the look of a circumcised penis.

Recent research suggests that circumcision may bring some medical benefits, some doctors believe these are too small to justify surgery.

These benefits may include:

  • eliminates risk of phimosis (tightening of the foreskin)
  • decreases risk of infections
  • decreases risk of penile cancer
  • decreases risk of HIV & HPV (one of the causes of cervical cancer in women)

There are several methods used in Australia to perform circumcision. Lionel primarily uses a Gomco clamp for safe and effective circumcision. The clamp is to protect the glans of the penis from injury.

Circumcision is ideally carried out within the first 2 weeks of life. At our practice, the procedure is not carried out after your infant is 4 weeks old.

Aftercare information is provided on the day of the circumcision. You will require kitchen salt, Vaseline, and a few extra cuddles for your little one.

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Potential Benefits

A 10 times lower risk of a baby getting a urinary tract infection (UTI) in his first year of life (remembering that only one per cent of babies are at risk of a UTI, so 1,000 circumcisions are needed to prevent one UTI).

Eliminates the risk of infants and children getting infections under the foreskin, easier genital hygiene, much lower risk of getting cancer of the penis (this is an infrequent condition of 1 in 10,000 and good genital hygiene also seems to reduce the risk) and a possible lower risk of men getting sexually transmissible infections (STIs) than men who are not circumcised (these studies have not been scientifically confirmed, and safe sex practices are far more effective in preventing the infections).

Circumcision can be performed in the first few days after birth using a local anaesthetic, or after six months of age under general anaesthetic.

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