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An emergency caesarean during COVID-19

By December 3, 2020 No Comments
emergency c/section

I was pregnant when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and impacted everyone in Melbourne, with restrictions, isolation and lockdown. 

But, I was lucky enough to be having a straightforward pregnancy. 

Everything was going along well, I felt great and I continued to exercise all the way to 42 weeks and 2 days. I was even lucky enough to continue surfing with my little bubba on board until 6 months gestation when the second COVID-19 lockdown occurred.  

 At 42weeks + 2 days I went into spontaneous labour and thought the time had finally come for my birth, I was really hoping to have a natural birth.

 But, during my labour, after countless discussions, irregular contractions, and when I had exhausted all other options it came down to the wire and the decision was made to have an emergency caesarean.

It was my wish to have a vaginal birth, that was what I had planned for and prepared for. 

Victor c section

Howeverthis timeit was not part of our story. While at the time I was upset, I was also very confident we had tried everything possible and we were very excited to meet our little person.  

Victor was born, via emergency caesarean, a healthy 4026grams, crying on his arrival.  

During Victor’s birth, I felt like I had my very own cheer squad, that’s how supportive the midwives at St Vincent’s Private hospital are. Their positivity flowed in the room all around me. 

I had chosen to take part in the Embrace Program, which is an option offered at St Vincent’s Private, it allowed me to have appointments with both my Obstetrician, Dr Lionel Steinberg, and with the St Vincent’s Private midwifery team. The Embrace midwives provide an additional caring approach and they are a wealth of knowledge with tips for pregnancy and preparing for your birth. With the benefit of also having my own private obstetrician to answer questions and help manage my pregnancy I always felt supported and confident in my decisions. 

To make an appointment with Dr Lionel Steinberg get in touch via our contact page