Sandra Aloise and baby

2nd of June

5am -I was 40+2 days and really getting over being pregnant, I just wanted baby out already. I woke up to some light cramping, with the urge to use the bathroom. I went back to sleep and was woken again with the same feeling, about half hour later. These cramps and urges to use the bathroom continued for a couple of hours every half hour. 

730am- I told my husband that I felt I was in early labour and sent an sms to my mum to come and pick up our 22 month old son.. I woke up and did what I needed to do around the house and prepared my sons bag to take to his grandmas house. When she arrived at about 830am I was still able to walk, chat and plot around the house.

930am- I remember asking mum to leave with my son by as the contractions were becoming much stronger and more frequent. I used the medicine ball, my hypnobirthing playlist, the shower and my breath to manage the pain throughout the next hour. My husband was on the phone to Erin throughout this time to check in with her about where I was at and when she thought we should head to the hospital.

1030am – We made our way to the hospital and I remember this feeling like the longest car trip of my life as contractions were quite intense by this time. I kept my eyes closed and focused on my breathing throughout the ride.

This birth was everything I’d hoped for and more. After many conversations during my pregnancy, Lionel, Lisa and Erin knew exactly what type of birth I wanted and I got it.

11am- We arrived to the hospital. My husband walked me in and I was then taken up to the maternity ward where we were met by an amazing midwife Kylie.

My water broke in the first little while of being there. I loved that my waters broke naturally, as I didn’t get the ‘gush’ of my waters breaking naturally with my previous birth. Lionel came up to visit me shortly after my waters broke and he was so happy to just leave me to labour and do my thing with my baby who was in the midst of arriving. I remember asking Lionel if he was going to check me or do anything and he reminded me of what we had discussed in my birth plan and in the lead up to my birth.. that I wanted to be left alone and didn’t want intervention. When Lionel left I used my tens machine and hopped in and out of the shower to manage the pain. Contractions were intensifying and during what I now think was transition, Kylie guided me so gently but directly to focus on my breath and brought me back inward, which is exactly what I needed at the time. She suggested I use a peanut ball, which was the best thing for me I feel, as I was becoming so tired of standing and I felt I couldn’t sit down. She helped me to lay on my side with the peanut ball in-between my legs, guiding me to breathe, with the support of some gas.  The next couple of hours were somewhat of a blur as I remember being so focused and inward to really keep focusing on my breathing. I had another amazing midwife Mel join when Kylie had to leave and I was lucky enough to have Erin join as well. 

Sandra Aloise's son
Sandra Aloise and son

2pm-During the next phase, I bared down on all fours with the bed slightly elevated upward to support my upper body. I was guided and supported by Erin, Mel and my wonderful husband Andrew. I had incredible urges to push each time I had a contraction, I could feel that my baby was coming down lower and lower. I remember Mel supporting me with physical position suggestions, one that was most helpful that I learned in prenatal yoga was to keep my knees together and feet outward to open up my pelvis and support baby to come down and out a lot easier. Having Erin present gave me more confidence during my birth because I trusted her. She had the ability to keep me focused and encourage me in a way that helped me to find the strength I needed to get through. 

3pm -midwives called Lionel as they could see baby’s head crowning. When Lionel arrived it was time to push. I had the incredible feeling, I did not need to be told to push like I did in my first birth due to having an epidural. This was all instinctive and it’s exactly what I wanted. After less than 10 minutes of pushing, he arrived, at 3:24pm, weighing over 4kgs. No intervention or tearing all thanks to my birth prep and the amazing support of my team, the midwives, Lionel and my beautiful husband.

This birth was everything I’d hoped for and more.

After many conversations during my pregnancy, Lionel, Lisa and Erin knew exactly what type of birth I wanted and I got it. Lionel respected and listened to my hopes and wishes to have a natural birth and it meant so much that he believed in me throughout my pregnancy and my labour. This helped me to believe in myself and have the trust that I could do it. I healed so much quicker both emotionally and physically,  after this birth compared to my first where I had intervention. 

Thank you to Lionel and his amazing team, Erin and Lisa, I am so grateful

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