Miscarriage is a topic that should be spoken about and not covered up or neglected. It is not rare to have a miscarriage, across all age groups, a miscarriage represents 25% of pregnancies.  The older you are the more likely you are to miscarry and once a woman is 40 years old, they have a 40% chance of miscarrying.  Miscarriage is by far the most common complication in my practice and better education during school years would make this event less traumatic for most couples.

Most miscarriages occur because of a chromosomal abnormality in your baby and this is unavoidable. A minority of miscarriages are caused by preventable factors.

Almost all miscarriages occur before 12 weeks gestation and they usually present with bleeding and cramps and an ultrasound that shows that the pregnancy has not advanced normally.  The treatment can be conservative and waiting till miscarrying, or a surgical procedure done as a day procedure called a suction curette.  The procedure is safe, it does have complications, but they are rare.

How can we help?

If any bleeding occurs in the first trimester of any pregnancy, this needs to be monitored.  A blood test is always required as AB negative women require extra attention to prevent antibody production. If the patient does not know how many weeks pregnant she is, measuring the BHCG hormone may help. An ultrasound is usually required to confirm viability.

Most but not all women who miscarry require a surgical procedure called a ‘suction curette’. It is essential to seek medical help if you are experiencing bleeding in the first trimester to exclude ectopic pregnancy. Please contact our rooms for a consultation.

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