Hysterectomy means the surgical removal of the uterus from a woman’s body. The number of hysterectomies has reduced over the last 20 years because of newer, less invasive methods of treating menstrual disorders.

Usually, the uterus and the cervix are removed. The ovaries are not removed in pre-menopausal women. Fallopian tube removal is thought to be beneficial to reduce the risk of potential ovarian cancers.

The uterus can be removed 3 ways, vaginally, abdominally or laparoscopically (keyhole). The method of removal depends on the reason for the surgery and each patient is different.

One must always remember that major operations may have minor or major complications.

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Lionel can provide advice and diagnosis about whether a hysterectomy is recommended. He is highly experienced in all types of hysterectomies. Please contact our rooms for a consultation.

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