High Risk Pregnancy

The majority of pregnancies are low risk and their medical care will be tailored to reflect this. However, for a number of pregnant women their journey will be complicated by Maternal history (i.e age, previous pregnancy/birth history and general medical history) and pregnancy events (i.e Gestational Diabetes, Pre-eclampsia, multiple pregnancy, pregnancy induced hypertension) or other maternal or fetal variances (i.e premature labour & fetal abnormalities). These women can anticipate requiring more intensive screening and observation during their pregnancies and births.

Many of the circumstances or events that increase the risk associated with a woman’s pregnancy are unforeseen and therefore can not be anticipated when making choices about who cares for you during your pregnancy. Dr Lionel Steinberg has the experience and clinical skill to provide your care regardless of your level of risk and to adapt and tailor your clinical care according to your unique needs.

How can we help?

If any bleeding occurs in the first trimester of any pregnancy, this needs to be monitored.  A blood test is always required as AB negative women require extra attention to prevent antibody production. If the patient does not know how many weeks pregnant she is, measuring the BHCG hormone may help. An ultrasound is usually required to confirm viability.

Most but not all women who miscarry require a surgical procedure called a ‘suction curette’. It is essential to seek medical help if you are experiencing bleeding in the first trimester to exclude ectopic pregnancy.

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